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2024 "Oh Honey, Take Me Away!"

I am currently working on my senior thesis project at the California College of the Arts. It's a deeply personal project that was inspired by road trips I took to Phoenix from San Francisco to attend the funerals of my loved ones.


The film follows Ruth, who travels 750 miles to attend her sister's funeral. She meets hitchhiker Annie during her journey, and the two form an unexpected relationship.


The movie touches on themes of grief, queer identity, and female rage. It aims to resonate with contemporary young femme queer individuals who are navigating self-discovery in a world that may not always understand them.

2023 "Puppetry" by Raylee Forest

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2022 "The Woman in the Wedding Dress"
Director of Photography

2022 Call Me Irresponsible
Director & Editor

2022 Live in the Spotify Studios With Criibaby

2022 Ezra Bell, "Goat's Milk"

2022 Chair at The Park

2021 A Story about Alexi Devillars

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